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7 ways to tackle any kind of problems

The world keep filling its inhabitants with different kind of problems at every point.The truth of the matter here is many faced with a challenge or the other most times don't carefully analyze the situation before setting out for a solution which makes it a temporal result and not a permanent one. With this seven solutions am about to list will help you out of every problems permanently.

1.Identification of the true cause

The first step to solving any kind of problem is to know the main cause,for instance:In Nigeria,there is a large ratio of poverty stricken people in the Nation and the only comment i have grown to know is 'tell the government to provide more job opportunities'. the question now is this who is the Government? And Are they truly the major cause of the problem?it's a capital No!,this will move us to the next step

2. Mindset

The major part of every problem is our mindset towards it like i made an instance in the 'identification'. It is the mindset of the people of the nation that has made them settled for only the government can save but daily statistics proves it that people are getting richer day by day so for you to over come any problem it depends on how you see it and what will become of you after the problem.

3. Vision

After your mindset has been transformed to a winning one in the sense that you see the problem as a minor thing and something that cannot kill or overcome you then take a step by visualizing the end state,begin with the end from your mind ,know where you're going before trying to get there.


After you have successfully seen the end of the problem before attending to it,then you brainstorm to find numerous ways to get there in that process,you gain mastery of the problem. In this process,it will help you to permutate and combinate until you get to your final destination.


Many people will be wondering why do i need to plan,this will help you gather all the possible ways to gain mastery of the problems. Planning keeps you inform and not caught unaware in case of any matter of urgency. Many solution-providers are good planners.


After gathering all,then you begin to act on the hypothesis you have gathered to find a lasting solution.


As you begin to act you,you get your solution and you begin to adjust with the desired result.

I hope these 7 clues will help you in solving any kind of problems you're faced with.

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