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Opinion: Why Juventus latest victory in Serie A, shows that Ronaldo is replaceable.

How do you replace a striker who scored over one hundred goals for you in just three seasons? That was the question Juventus' hierarchy will probably be asking themselves when Cristiano Ronaldo clarified it for them, he is not going to continue his career with the club. The now Manchester forward was on the book of the Turin club till the beginning of this season. In fact, he played some minutes in the club's opening game of the season.

However, after deciding to rejoin United towards the end of the transfer window, Juventus didn't have enough time to replace him and as such, they struggled badly for form, especially in the league. Despite all of Ronaldo's importance to the club which cause them to be struggling at first, they seem to have found a win to win without the Portuguese striker, having now recorded four consecutive wins in all competition. In this article, we will analyze why Juventus' latest victory shows that Ronaldo is replaceable.

Over the years, there have been a lot of arguments as regards maybe Ronaldo and Messi can be replaced. In Ronaldo's case, it is apparent that he can easily be replaced, while Messi might not be replaceable. When Ronaldo left Manchester United in 2009, the club went on to win titles and even reached the Champions League final, while Real Madrid, who have Ronaldo with them for nine years, survived his departure easily as they even won the La Liga title without him and even reached the UCL semifinal. 

In Juventus' case, their recent victory which is their Fourth in four games means they are now leaving above Ronaldo's time. As revealed by Bonucci recently, Juventus' problem before is that they trusted Ronaldo to always get them wins, but now, they seem to be playing more as a team, something that has been helping them to pick up valuable points again. 

In a summer that saw both Ronaldo and Lionel Messi changed clubs, the club Left by the Portuguese striker seems to have found a perfect way to survive without him, while Barcelona which Messi left in the summer are still struggling to do anything without their golden boy. In fact, the last Barcelona player to score a UCL goal for the club is Lionel Messi. With this, we can say Ronaldo is replaceable while Messi is not. 

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