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Opinion: The Plight Of Residents In Kaduna State And The Need For An Immediate Intervention From FG

Kaduna State, being one of the states which has been affected by incessant killings from bandits which have also resulted into reprisals attack by residents has indeed gotten the attention of Nigerians in the country over the safety of the residents.

Photo Credit: Daily Post Nigeria (Picture Used For Illustrative Purpose)

About a few days ago, according to a verified source, some communities in the state witnessed a severe attack from these criminals who killed a lot of people, which further led to angry residents who were drowned in frustration to go after these bandits, even as the authorities had been deployed to curb these attacks and apprehend all those responsible.

However, after such a move from these angry residents, more deaths were recorded, residents probably went missing, people's homes destroyed, some forced out of their homes, and others in critical condition, both physically and emotionally.

Photo Credit: The Guardian Nigeria

The plight which some of these residents in some communities have been forced to live has also plunged the rest of the residents in other parts of the state to live in fear, and as such, demands for an immediate intervention from not only the state government, but from the federal government.

The critical condition is quite deserving of attention, and though the government have continued to do their best to protect the people, it's important that another approach should be made to intervene and give these residents hope.

These residents who have endured a huge level of pain need the federal government to prove to those wreaking havoc and destabilizing the lives of innocent people that they have crossed that line, and that the only option available is to eradicate them.

Though, the federal government has put in effort in crisis pertaining to this, as Kaduna State is only one of the states, among others that have been affected, but more effort and an increase of workforce should now be concentrated on Kaduna State so as to send a warning to others who may seek to bring destruction.

Photo Credit: The Gospel Herald (Picture Used For Illustrative Purpose)

What's your opinion towards this pathetic and unfortunate condition these residents are being made to face? Put your thoughts in the comment section below, and don't forget to share them with others, as you can like and follow us for more interesting contents all around the world.

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