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Closet Essentials: 5 must-have

1. A quality luggage bag

This is not limited to men, everyone must have a luggage bag in their closet not just for fun but because it's a basic necessity. If you value space more than style, opting for a slim and sturdy bag that can accommodate more items and occupy less space while you're on a trip will be best while a briefcase will work to add style to your outfit when you're making a necessary business or personal trip. 

2. Cologne

843 Black Perfume For Men Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

If you're staying in a buzzing city like Lagos, you don't want to go out and come back each day smelling like crayfish because of the bustling you have to deal with daily. Therefore a cologne in your wardrobe is a must-have to give you a nice smell all day long.

3. Leather Dress shoes

As a man, you can never go wrong with leather dress shoes as this is the most accessible and easy to style shoe for any formal event. Even if your style does not portray corporate, having a dress shoe to wear to a formal function such as dinner or a church service won't be a bad idea. And yes, you should have a pair of suits to match with it. 

4. A leather belt

A belt in your formal outfit is sufficient to give you a smart look even if you're dressing like that once in a year. This is aside from its primary function of holding your trousers together. A carefully purchased leather belt with style, also adds some class to your outfit, giving you a manly and more responsible look. 

5. Shaving kit

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As a man, you want to keep your look clean as much and as often as possible. And you're a hairy person, for instance, going through the hurdle of visiting a local barbershop now and then. Having a shaving kit in your closet will help you keep your beads in check without waiting for the day you'd be able to visit a barber. 

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