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We Cut My Client Into Pieces, Share His Body Parts Among Ourselves, ” Herbalist Confesses

On the 17th of August 2021, the police operatives of the Osun State Police Command arrested two herbalists after they were accused of taking the life of their client who visited them in their shrine to do a money ritual in Osun State.

How It All Began

It was gathered that a 35- year- old man identified as Fasesan Ayoade Moses visited the shrine of a herbalist known as Afolabi Faseun to do a money ritual.

According to the report, Ayoade who had already gotten tired of waiting for God' s time decided to ask one of his friends to introduce him to any herbalist that could help him do the money ritual. Luckily for him, his friend introduced him to Mr. Faseun while assuring him that he is a very powerful herbalist in their neighborhood.

After Ayoade had gotten the location of the herbalist from his friend, he visited the herbalist the following day.

Their Discussion When Ayoade Arrived At The Shrine

The following day, Ayoade visited the herbalist and told him that he was directed to the shrine by one of his friends who live in the neighborhood.

When asked the name of the friend, he responded that he wouldn' t know him because has not been to the shrine before but he knows him because he lives around the neighborhood.

Ayoade then explained his reason for coming to the shrine. He told the herbalist that he wants to get rich by all means. He said he doesn' t mind even if it' s just for five years.

He further said that he just wants to taste wealth no matter what it takes. He said he is ready to bring anything the herbalist asked him to bring.

What Faseun Did Next

After Ayoade had explained himself, Faseun told him it' s a very hard task but asked him to wait for him in his shrine and that he would be back shortly.

Faseun left his shrine and went to meet one of his friends identified as Afolabi Fadare who is also a herbalist. When he got to his shrine, he told him about Ayoade who wanted to do a money ritual.

Shockingly, Fadare told Faseun that he is happy about Ayoade who came to meet him. He advised him that they could just kill Ayoade and use him to do the money ritual.

Faseun' s Confession

While confessing to the crime, Faseun said, " On the day of the incident, Ayoade visited my shrine begging me to help him do a money ritual that he is tired of poverty. I told him that I have never done money rituals for anyone because it' s dangerous but he insisted that he is ready to do anything just to be rich.

" I became confused, so I quickly went to the house of my colleague, Fadare, and told him about the boy' s request. It was Fadare that advised me that we could quickly use the boy for a money ritual instead.

" When I agreed with him, Fadare summoned one boy known as Taye who gave the boy one medicine. After he had drunk the medicine, Taye strangle him to death while I was holding his legs and Fadare was holding his hands.

" After his death, we cut his dead body into pieces. They gave me his two hands and his heart. Someone later bought one of his hands from me for N20, 000 while I dash out the remaining body parts for free.

Fadare' s Confession

While confessing to the crime, Fadare said, " After we had dismembered his body, I collected his head and two legs which I use for my money ritual.

The Reaction Of The Police To The Crime

According to the Osun State Police Command, six suspects have been apprehended in connection to the murder of Ayoade.

The six suspects could be identified as Kabiru Adeleke, aged 37, Mukaila Oseni, aged 24, Afolabi Faseun aged 40, Moruf Oloyede, aged 39, Sairu Badmus, aged 27, and Afolabi Fadare, aged 38.

While giving more details about the incident, CP Olokode Olawale who happens to be the Commissioner of Police revealed that the command received the report that the deceased had gone missing from his mother on the 24th of May 2021. She reported that her son left the house for the studio but never return.

CP Olawale revealed that some detectives at the command swung into action. An investigation conducted resulted in the arrest of Afolabi Faseun. Faseun later admitted that he killed Ayoade in collaboration with Fadare and Taiwo.

In his words, CP Olawale said, " During their confession, they said they gang up to kill and butcher Ayoade then sold his heart to Kabiru Adeleke for N15, 000. They also sold the head, legs, and wrist to Kabiru Adeleke, Maruf Oloyede, Mukaila Oseni, and Badmus Sairu.

" Faseun later took some police operatives to the Fidibomi area of Ikirun where they perpetrated the crime and buried the Ayoade' s remains in a shallow grave.

" Our men later exhumed the remains of the deceased and took it to the mortuary in UNIOSUN for post- mortem.

" Investigation is still ongoing while a manhunt has been launched to capture the fleeing suspect. The arrested suspects would soon be charged to court for prosecution. "


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