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Ways Every Young Nigerian Can Prevent Chronic Age-Related Sickness

Considering the increasing rate of chronic age related diseases (such as stroke, dementia, HBP, diabetes etc), among old Nigerians and adults, we have deemed it safe to curate for young people, some ways in which it can be prevented.

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Check them out, according to www., the guardian and WHO.

Avoid Bad Habits/Lifestyle

Habits like smoking and excessive intake of alcohol can cause lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, among many others overtime, so it is advisable to quit such lifestyle.

Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet should include five daily portions of fruit and vegetables, plenty of wholegrain bread and cereals, and only a small amount of saturated fat (This helps to prevent cancer, among other diseases).

Also, eat less red and processed meat and cut down on foods high in salt.

To crown it all, eat two-three portions of fish per week, at least one of which should be oily fish (such as herring, mackerel, salmon and pilchards) as it protects against heart disease.

Maintain a healthy weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight prevents the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases etc, infact, anything between 18 and 25 is a healthy weight.

Exercise regularly

30 minutes of moderate activity a day, at least five days a week, is enough to help prevent diseases like cancer etc.

Any exercise will do, as long as it makes you slightly warm and out of breath, you can split it up into 10-minute sessions if it suits you.

Again, exercises protects joints by keeping the muscles strong, particularly from sports-related injuries. If you're not sure what type of exercise you need, get referred to a physiotherapist.

Also note that, repeated kneeling and squatting can put stress on the joints, so avoid them.

Take care in the sun

To reduce the risk of skin cancer, stay in the shade between 11 and 3, or cover up in the sun, using; sunglasses with standard UV protection, a wide-brimmed hat, a broad spectrum sunscreen (which protects against both UVA and UVB rays) and an SPF of at least 15; apply liberally and often.

Also avoid sunbeds, as they're no longer safe.

Regular Checkup

Screening may detect pre-cancerous changes as well as early-stage cancer.

Also, your blood pressure and cholesterol should be checked regularly as they are both risk factors for dementia, among other diseases.

This is particularly, for people who have a family history of cancer, among other chronic diseases.


If you're a woman, bear in mind that some medications increases the risk of breast cancer, such as the contraceptive pill (although the risk returns to normal ten years after you stop using the pill).

Meanwhile, having children, especially early on in life, reduces the risk of breast cancer, as does breastfeeding; the longer you breastfeed the greater the protection.

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