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How To Make A Fashionable DIY Apron

Aprons have existed for centuries and are used for different purposes. Asides from protecting your clothing from cooking stains and spills, you can also use an apron as a quick fix for cleaning your hands. Every woman should own an apron, You do not want to get stains on your clothes while cooking or baking. Rather than buy one, you can take on a project to make an apron by yourself. Keep reading to know steps on how to make an apron. Let's get busy!

Photo Credit: Mickey's Linen

To get started, you need to get all the materials and tools you will be using. Choose a fabric of your choice. It is advisable to use durable materials to prevent wear and tear, as your apron will be frequently used. You will need a yard of this fabric Get some thread and needles, you can substitute the needle for a sewing machine if you have one. Next a pair of scissors, measuring tape, and some tailor's chalk.

Photo Credit: Home Stratosphere

Step 1: You can either measure an old apron, or yourself to get a precise measurement. You will need to use the measuring tape. Note down the measurement so you do not forget.

Step 2. Transfer measurement to your fabric. Use the tailor's chalk to mark out the measurements. You can improvise by using a biro or marker if you do not have tailor's chalk.

Step 3: Crosscheck to be sure that your measurement is correct and then cut out the main part of the apron. After this, cut out three different lines. They will be used for the belts and the neck.

Step 4: The final step is to join the parts of the apron together. Sew the belts and the neck and then hem round.

Photo Credit: Toronto Star

You can spice up your apron by adding buttons or other accessories as you deem fit. Will you try out this tutorial? Let me know in the comments below. 

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