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Couples, Do These 5 Romantic Things Every day To Enjoy Your Relationship.

The spark of love in a relationship has to be nurtured. There are things couples should do everyday to spark up their relationship. The things that make a relationship beautiful are common things we can habitually offer our spouses. Some overlook them or take them for granted. Love is new every morning when it is nurtured every day.

1.K_ss your spouse goodbye:

Affections, tenderly shown to a spouse  before leaving the house, serves as a life wire that drives the day. When you bid goodbye in a romantic way, it keeps you in the heart of your spouse all through the day.

He/She thinks about you throughout the day. This has a way of making a spouse think of what to shop for you as a surprise while coming back from work. It will also help keep him/her away from being a cheat. K_ss your spiuse before departure in the morning.

2.Call your spouse:

Unbroken communication is very pertinent in a relationship. The spark of love is maintained when communication is frequent. Some couples have gotten too familiar with their partner that they take calls for granted.

You might say," Afterall, we spoke before he left for work this morning, and we shall still speak when he comes back. Hence there is no much need to call him again."

Yes, you might be right, but it is not wise. Calling your spouse while he/she is away makes your spouse feel missed and valued. It will serve as a motivation for the day.

3.Pray for your spouse:

Prayer is asking God for divine intervention: Grace is released through prayer. There is a God factor everyone needs in life. Every wife who understands the importance of grace in life will daily pray for the spouse. A praying wife makes a winning husband. Couples should always pray for their spouses. 

4. Warmly cuddle and welcome your spouse with a k_ss:

How you welcome your spouse on his/her arrival from work means a lot. It tells a spouse how much he/she is wanted, missed and celebrated. It should always be a daily habit to celebrate the arrival of your spouse. Never become careless about it.

5. Ask your spouse about the day:

It is not enough to only serve him food whenever he comes back; serve him your sincere inquiry and concern. After serving him food, ask him what transpired in his day. Seek to know his challenges and fulfilments for the day's work. Men ought to do the same. It makes the spouse have emotional balance, and it also shows how much you care.

The things stated above should be a daily habit of couples. It lubricates the wheels of a relationship.

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