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Husband and wife relationship

2 Reasons That Can Make Married People To Start Desiring Someone Outside Their Marriage

As the popular axiom goes, "there is no smoke without fire". It is never the intention of any sane married man or lady to be attracted to an opposite gender, how much more desiring them when they (couples) have chosen to marry each other amidst all the many men and ladies around them when they were making the choice of a life partner.

When the issue of married people desiring another person outside their marriage is raised, some people often think that such can only happen when they never loved themselves in the first place before saying, "Yes, I do" to each other. That may be a factor but it goes beyond that. Two married people may have loved themselves pretty much before and in the beginning of their marriage, and along the line certain things may go wrong, which will eventually make them to start pulling back or somehow losing interest in themselves.

1. When there is a reduction in the love, care and attention they once received from their spouses.

At times, those times some married people feel they need more from their spouses, there is a silent pointer indicating that their husbands or wives are not doing some things right. If there is a reduction in how your spouse used to treat you when you newly got married, Why not have a heart - to - heart talk with him/her and submit your desire?

If you really married your friend, you won't have any issue with expressing your needs to him/her. The more reason why you should marry your friend. He/she will be so glad to make some adjustments; spice up things to take care of the existing monotony. 

2. Having too high expectations from their husband / wife.

On the other hand, if you are the issue, why not reduce your expectations, and give yourself a pinch of reality that you cannot possibly have everything you desire from your spouse? Some times, married couples wish that their spouses give them all they want from them as at when needed - in other words, they don't want to lack. In addition, they also want their partner to be flawless in the way he/she treats them. So, when their expectations are not forthcoming from their partners, they fall into the temptation of going outside to fill the vacuum their life partner is unable to fill. If you are in this category, you should know that your partner is not a perfect human being. More so, know that marriage is not a bed of roses; sometimes it can get beautiful and other times it can get ugly. Lower your expectations from your better half.

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