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Categories of outfits that can be made with two or three different materials

You can beautifully design an outfit with to or three different materials to look beautiful and attractive. Outfits made with two different materials always look nice and attractive on the wearer. In this article, I will list down different categories of attires that you can design with two or three different materials but before that, here are some reasons why you should wear outfits made with two different materials.

1. You should wear outfits made with two or three-piece materials because it will make you look dynamic and unique. Mostimes, you hardly find another person wearing another person wearing design with you. Also, this style of dressing isn't very common in the fashion industry, so you'll definitely look beautiful and attractive when you wear any outfit designed with two or three materials.

2. This design looks beautiful and also helps you put all materials in to good use especially the leftover materials from the previous clothes you have made in time past.

Here are categories of outfits you can make with two or three different materials.

1. Peplum tops. They look beautiful and can be worn to any event. You can design the sleeve or neckline with a different material.

2. Simple gowns that could be short or long, straight or flared.

2. Jumpsuits;

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