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Opinion: Is Online Dating A Threat or Blessing?

These days, there are more online dating profiles because there are millions of people looking for love online. After the pandemic hit, online dating became the sole recourse for millions of people around the globe. I think there is so much to be gotten from online dating ranging from new couples getting to know each other to also establishing a channel to keep in touch. Online that is madly and deeply in love. online dating gives you more opportunities to meet people. And you always have the chance to be your best, most authentic self when you meet someone. 

I think online dating is a way to meet people to start a relationship. I don’t see it as a threat or a blessing. It is a good use of technology to bring people together who otherwise would never meet. Online dating opens many opportunities to the person that works regularly and has other responsibilities that do not allow them to be out frequently meeting new people. This makes a world of strangers open to seeing you online. The potential for scammers is always there but many personalities you may not normally expose yourself to will be available as well. 

Online dating helps keep your life spicy and helps you pass time well. Opportunities in an online dating app are almost limitless. You are always in control of whom you choose to meet so the second you get weird vibes from any of the platform users, you can take measures to make sure you don't ever even cross parts on the app again. There are so many online dating apps and you could take your pick from any. You don't need so much confidence to start online dating and you just need less negative masking emotion. Of course, online dating has its bumps, and denying them would be cowardly. 

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