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Beware of this dangerous demon that makes a man to perpetually wander in wilderness

Beware of the demon called 'unbelief' for it a major enemy of the workings of God upon a man. It attacks the heart and hardens it and makes a man to perpetually wander in wilderness.

   Take heed, brethren,let there be in any of you an evil heart of 'unbelief',in departing from the living God (Hebrew 3:12)

   An evil heart of unbelief is a cancerous operation of devil aimed at embittering God towards men and it is a demonic scheming of the devil to ostracize and alienate man from God's will by making him not to cleave to, and rely absolutely on God and thereby making him voluntary to his attacks.

   To enter into rest,a believing heart in Pivotal and to take delivery of every promises of the father,belief in a legal tender. Never allow devil to attack you heart with unbelief.

    Despite of the promises of God upon the Isrealites, he repented and swore that they will not enter into their rest become of their unbelief.

    Never allow unbelief to rob you of his working upon your life this season for faithful is he that has promised and he will make everything beautiful in their season.

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