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What You Should Know About Penile Cancer and How to Prevent It

Roughly half of all penile cancers are caused by certain types of a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV). Cancer of the penis is rare in the United States. But, if you are at risk, finding it early is critical. The information here should help you spot this tumor long before it becomes life-threatening. The earlier penile cancer is found, the better. If it’s found early, there is a good chance for successful treatment and a cure. If the diagnosis is delayed, the disease can get worse. Treatment for more advanced cancer may be less successful and more disfiguring.

The following factors can increase the risk of developing penile cancer:

Smoking. Smoking tobacco may contribute to the development of penile cancer, especially in people who also have HPV.

Not Being Circumcised: Uncircumcised people are at higher risk of developing penile cancer if they don’t take care of their genitals often and carry out good hygiene.

Early Symptoms of Penile Cancer

You should see your health care provider if you notice any of these on the foreskin, or the shaft or head of your penis:

(a) An area of skin becoming thicker and/or changing color

(b) A lump on the penis

(c) An ulcer (sore) that might bleed

(d) A reddish, velvety rash


Different factors cause different types of cancer. Researchers continue to look into what factors cause penile cancer, including ways to prevent it. You may be able to lower your risk.

Circumcision. Circumcision before adulthood appears to provide some protection from penile cancer. People who have been circumcised in their youth have a much lower rate of penile cancer,

Personal hygiene. Carefully and completely cleaning under the foreskin on a regular basis can lower the risk of developing penile cancer.

Lifestyle factors. Not smoking and avoiding sexual practices that could lead to an HPV or HIV/AIDS infection can help lower your risk of penile cancer.

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Penile Cancer


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