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Iran vows 'revenge' after Israel with help from US attacked it's nuclear site

Iran said they will ensure they take revenge on Isreal after they bombed their nuclear sites. Iran has been trying hard to make a nuclear bomb and it seems they are almost successful before Isreal Bombs it. According to Iran, They said Isreal was able to achieve this with the help of the United States Of America.

According to Iran, They said the attack took place after the government of Iran announced to the entire public that they had activated a Advanced centrifuges that will help to enrich the Uranium. According to my personal research, Uranium can be used to make a nuclear bomb and it can also be used to make power.

Isreal has stated categorically and publicly that they will never allow Iran make a nuclear bomb. Personally, I feel the Israelites must have a reason why they said this. I think maybe because they know how the Iran's are very wicked and very unmerciful. After the bombing of the Nuclear sites by the Israelites, The Iranian prime minister said they will ensure they take revenge on Isreal.

Isreal have not yet come out to clarify that they are the one's who propagated the attack. During the attack, no life was lost. The attack only destroyed one of the centrifuges. The Iranians said they will replace it with advanced ones. It seems the Iranians really mean business concerning the development of nuclear bomb.

Dear readers, let us discuss. Would you like it personally if Iran are one of the countries in the world that will have nuclear bomb at their disposal. Kindly share your view with me in the box below and don't forget to share with loved ones and friends.

Thank you!!!

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