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Is Thomas Tuchel Chelsea A Defensive Team?

This debate seems like one that could take a more central stage, in the coming days in the world of football, and in the English premier league, is Chelsea a defensive team?

Recently, Paris Saint-Germain manager Mauricio Pochettino labelled Chelsea as a "defensive team," when asked during a press conference about the nature in which his side concedes goal.

Which also takes us back to a conversation that happened earlier on, between a journalist, and Netherlands manager Louis Van Gaal.

According to Van Gaal, he disagreed vehemently when asked about the criticism that Tuchel's preferred system was a conservative one, clearly disagreeing with Pochettino's recent stance.

“It is not at all,” Van Gaal said to the claim. “You don’t understand. You are just a journalist. You have no vision of football. With 5-3-2 and 5-2-3, you can play great attacking football.

"Chelsea shows that every time, with different selections. I take my hat off to Mr Tuchel for that.”

This was coming from a manager, who has made a significant mark in football, and when someone like Van Gaal says something, you ought to know their has got to be an iota of truth in it.

However, i disagree strongly with Van Gaal assessment of Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel side are actually a defensive team, last season was just an example of how defensively Tuchel set up his side, they conceded less, and at the same time scored less in most games they played last season.

You can easily point out to recent high scoring fixtures they were involved in, like the game against Norwich City, but his style of formation (3-4-3) leans more towards a defensive approach.

When you play a formation like the one Tuchel employs at Chelsea, it quite obvious you want to control the game in every aspect, through the use of wingbacks, but unlike the (3-5-2) were the wingers, are replaced by wingbacks, a (3-4-3) still keeps its wingers while playing with with wingbacks.

So, I feel sincerely that Chelsea is actually a defensive team.

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