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Tragedy as former Premier League superstar dies at age 43

Death they say is inevitable. No matter or rich or Famous you are,when it's time to die,you can't stop it from happening..

Even the Christian Bible Confirms the fact that there is time for everything; a time to live and a time to die. Everything has its own time and season. That's the sad fact about life.

However, when a footballer dies, it pains because of the services they rendered by putting their life at risk to put smiles on the faces of people.

According to reports "Former England international Stephen Jagielka has been reported dead at the age of 43 on Wednesday, March 17."

His brother is still playing for Sheffield United who are probably doomed for relegation this season judging from their stance in the English Premier League table.

There are have loads of tributes pouring in from every sector in the footballing world. Sheffield United also sent theirs to the family and also to their player Phil Jagielka.

It's sad to loose personalities in Football at a very tender age. Putting that side by side by the Corona virus reality, it's shows how sad and dramatic the world has turned.

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