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5 Things a Woman Will Do Regularly With Her Man Once She's Ready For Marriage

Are you ready to take the next right step in your relationship but still in doubt that your woman may not be interested or ready? Below are some signs to watch out for to know what her interest in the relationship is. These signs will, however, help you to know if she's interested in Marrying you. You can proceed to discuss your intention with her after observing the signs below.

1. She always talks about the future: Look out for all the future tenses in her statements. If your girl starts discussing her plans with a ‘we’ rather than 'I', it's then obvious that she is keeping this relationship in mind. Is she talking about the kind of house she wants, several kids, family vacations, or anything that concerns you both, it is a clear-cut sign that she is ready for marriage.

2. She begins the 'kids' talk: Kids are the most sensitive topic in any relationship. Even newlyweds and married couples have a hard time dealing with this. But, if your girlfriend talks about having kids or tells you that you will be a great dad, then it should be crystal clear that she wants to have babies with you. So, it is time to pop the question, which is "Will you marry me".

3. When she is eager to see your parents: The day she says, “I would love to meet your parents” or “I want to introduce you to my dad,” just know that she's interested in settling down with you. Bringing the parents into a relationship spells out that it is time to get serious. So, when a girl wants to meet your parents or wants you to meet hers, it is a sign that she is all set to take the next big step in the relationship with you.

4. She talks about weddings: A wedding is a very special moment for any couple, especially for women. When your girl starts to talk about the weddings she attends and the kind of wedding dress she'll rock with you, it means she is ready for a proposal. So, when she discusses the kind of dress she wants to wear on her big day or what kind of flowers she wants for the center table, just understand that marriage is on her mind as well.

5. She becomes fond of you: When your girl wishes to spend every moment of her life with you, it means that she wants to be yours forever. And since marriage is the only legal union that keeps a man and woman together for the rest of their lives, it's an indication that your woman will say yes.

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