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3 Things That Can Make Your Period Start Early

Seeing your period earlier than planned is usually not a reason for alarm.. The menstrual period varies greatly from person to person. The first day of your current period marks the beginning of your cycle, and the first day of the period that follows it marks its conclusion.

According to Healthline, a typical cycle can last anywhere from twenty-one to thirty-nine days, which means that the number of days that a person spends bleeding is different for each individual. The bleeding will often stop somewhere between two and seven days after it has begun. The following are some of the things that, among other things, can cause your period to come earlier:

1. Puberty: The onset of puberty typically occurs between the ages of 8 and 13. Reproductive hormones are the chemicals in your body that are responsible for causing this condition. These hormones will continue to have an effect on your menstrual cycle for as long as you are of childbearing age and beyond. In the years immediately after the onset of your first period, your hormone levels may not be completely stable. This suggests that the amount of time that passes between each of your periods may be shorter or longer than the normal amount of time.

2. The perimenopause is the transitional period between the two stages of menopause. It often starts in the middle to later part of your 40s and lasts for approximately four years. During the perimenopause stage, your hormone levels will be all over the place, and it's possible that you won't ovulate on a monthly basis. This can cause your periods to become irregular, which means that you could start menstruating earlier or later than usual.

3. Vigorous physical activity: Vigorous physical activity might cause you to have irregular periods or perhaps cause your period to cease entirely. This syndrome is typically seen in athletes who train for a significant amount of time every single day. It happens more frequently in athletic events that have weight limits, such as ballet and gymnastics.

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