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How to apply bladder training to prevent urination during sex

Peeing during intercouse is a very common concern. This is mainly a female issue because men’s bodies have a natural mechanism that prevents urination when they have a stretched genital.

According to healthline, if you think you may be urinating during intercouse, talk to your doctor. They can help determine whether you’re urinating or experiencing the results of climaxing. If you’re urinating during intercouse, your doctor can recommend treatment options to help you control your incontinence.

Bladder retraining

Bladder training helps you gain better control of your bladder. This enables you to go for increasingly longer periods of time between urinating. It could be done in conjunction with Kegel exercises.

Bladder training consists of using the restroom on a fixed schedule, whether or not you feel the urge to go. Relaxation techniques help suppress the urge if you feel the need to urinate before the scheduled time. Gradually, the periods of time between bathroom breaks can be increased by 15 minute intervals, with an ultimate goal of going three to four hours between urinating. It may take 6 to 12 weeks before you get to your goal.

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