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Suspected political thugs clash in Lagos, Ogun communities

On Thursday, followers of opposing political parties clashed in Akute, Ogun State, leading to an exchange of gunfire that has left local residents and shopkeepers feeling unsafe. According to eyewitnesses, the fight broke out after a bus carrying supporters of one political party broke down near a campaign event being held by the other party.

Alleged political assassins swiftly inflamed the situation by firing shots into the air. According to reports, additional, unarmed thugs joined in and began throwing stones and other things at the victims. Shock and panic spread across the neighborhood as shopkeepers and locals tried to flee the site of the fight.

The Ogun State Police Command arrived on the spot, however no one has been taken into custody as of yet. Yet investigations have been launched to identify and apprehend the perpetrators.

A fan of a politician was reportedly stabbed in the Surulere neighborhood of Lagos State at approximately 2:00 p.m. on Thursday by suspected political thugs. The victim's status is unknown at this time; however, the state's public relations officer has verified that investigations are underway and that the assailants' abandoned getaway tricycle has been found.

Concerning violence during election campaigns is becoming a major problem for Nigeria's democracy. Immediate action is needed to prevent more violence and preserve the integrity of the upcoming elections for governor and state legislatures.

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