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Couple Who Met On Twitter Celebrate Seventh Wedding Anniversary With Beautiful Pictures [PHOTOS]

Social Media is known to be a place where people share pictures, messages and videos with their fellow friends and family. Social Media is also considered as a place where some people found love and happiness.

Some social media lovers who ended up together as married couple took to their social media accounts to share their recent pictures as they celebrates their seventh wedding anniversary.

The popular Nigerian Newspaper, The punch was able to publish an article about them on their newspaper, According Punch, the Twitter user, Tunde leye and his beautiful wife met on Twitter 9 years ago, and now they celebrate seventh wedding anniversary with two beautiful children.

Tunde posted the pictures with a caption that says: "9 years as a lover, 7 years as a Husband of this beautiful fashionista i met on Twitter. She said let's do Telemundo, and i was like, Your wish is my command"

May God bless their marriage.

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