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Meet 2 People That Never Said A Word In Their Videos, But Are Very Popular Around The World

1) Khaby

Khaby can be said to be the most popular person on tiktok. He currently has over one hundred and ten million followers on tiktok. He also opened an instagram account some months back, and he currently has almost fifty million followers on instagram. He is known for his style of content whereby he doesn't say any word. What he does is to look for a video of somebody doing something in a complicated way. He will then show himself doing the same thing in the normal way which is very easy. When he is done, he will then stretch his two hands forward.

He started doing this content just last year during the lockdown. He is now said to be worth millions of dollars within the last one year. He started it when he lost his job during the lockdown. He has been spotted with famous world celebrities such as Dybala, Naomi Campbell, and so on. Mbappe was once seen imitating him.

2) Mr Bean

Mr Bean is a popular American comic actor. He is known for his unique style of acting whereby he uses just his facial expression and body movement to make people laugh. Mr Bean died few months back, but his legacy can never be forgotten as the man who made people laugh without saying any word. When he was called to receive an award, he just went on stage, collected the award and left. He didn't make any speech.

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