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Covid-19 Resurgence: Akwa Ibom records 14 cases

The governor of Akwa Ibom state has issued a warning over the deadly Covid-19 pandemic's reappearance, claiming that 14 people have already been affected there.

Prof. Augustine Umoh, the commissioner for health, gave this media statement on Thursday in Uyo. Because the mode of transmission has not altered, he urged the populace to adhere to the Covid 19 recommendations, particularly frequent hand washing, the use of facemasks and hand sanitizers, and social seclusion.

Umoh claims that his Ministry has already started a new campaign to educate the public about the rebirth and the establishment of testing facilities.

He highlighted that although the people needed to support government efforts by taking steps to avoid getting sick and halt the spread of the disease, the state administration had made sufficient preparations to confront the pandemic.

He stated that there are currently 14 active instances in the state. We are not surprised. We must now pick up the pace that allowed us to minimize the number of patients.

"As I speak, the 14 cases we now have are being watched and quarantined at home. Contact tracking has recommenced.

The sickness is still contagious through direct contact, the air, and the nasal passages.

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