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VIDEO: Reactions As Man Eats 'Sacrifice' Placed At Lagos Polling Unit

According to The PUNCH, a man was spotted in a new video while eating what is presumed to be a “sacrifice” (believed to be an offering to the gods) at a polling unit in Lagos State.

In Grace Land Estate Ajah, Lagos State, a calabash holding an animal sacrifice was deliberately dropped near a voting location.

Voters observed the fetid stuff as they filed outside to cast their ballots.

Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw, shared the clip with the caption, "See what happened to one of their sacrifices at a polling unit. Grace land estate Ajah. Who hungry no care whether na sacrifice or not. E no CORNcen am.”

As heard in the video, the man eating the “sacrifice” is said to be a “mad man” and according to the background voice, eating the sacrifice has nullified the effect of the sacrifice.

Thus, seeing this video online, a lot of reactions have been stirred, as people were wondering who could have dropped the sacrifice at the location, and the intent of the action.

While some reacted negatively to the video, some prayed for God’s protection over those who voted at the polling unit.

Below are some of the comments people made while reacting to the video:

Also, below are pictures extracted from the video, while the man ate the sacrifice:

Click HERE to watch the video.

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