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How To Look Good With Damask And Lace Attires During Traditional Festivals

Traditional Festivals are ceremonies organized in our different villages, towns and cities.

Traditional for usually take so many forms and are organized for different reasons. For instance, burials and chieftaincy coronations are both traditional festivals but organized for different reasons.

For the following reasons, it is very vital for you to look very attractive and well dressed during traditional festivals:

1. Your reputation really matters a lot. You will surely come in contact with a lot of women at the village festival, and it's advisable you leave a nice impression of yourself.

2. Respect and regard: Dressing very well will fetch you so much respect and regard. Apart from the respect you're going to receive, you'll also get lots of compliments.

There are two common materials that can actually be used for traditional festivals and they are:

- Damask materials

- Lace materials

I'll give you some important guidelines on how to look very nice with these fabrics;

- You can actually make a very nice gown with these two materials. Just make sure you measure the sleeves accurately so that one of them won't look bigger or smaller than the other.

- Don't forget to wear nice beads and also make a beautiful hairstyle.

- Finally, you need to make sure you love and admire how you look; if you really want others to admire and compliment you, then you have to start by appreciating yourself.

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