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How to recover your Facebook account after it has been hacked

Facebook is the most popular social media app, boasting of more than 2.4 billion users. Due to its popularity, it's usually subjected to hacking. So, you need to protect your account and know how to recover it when hacked.

How to know if your Facebook account has been hacked

Frequent suspicions of a hacked Facebook account include:

Getting emails that someone has logged into your account, when you didn't.

Getting emails and instructions on how to reset your Facebook password, when you didn't try to change.

Seeing posts, status updates, friend requests, messages or profile changes you didn't make.

While these are just suspicions, it's important to be sure in order to act fast.

Go to the arrow in the upper right hand of your Facebook page and click it. Click on Settings. A menu appears from there, select Security and Login, then select Where You've Logged In. You'll see a list of devices you've ever used to log in and their locations. Any device which you don't recognize may suggest that the account has been hacked.

If you see any post that isn't from you, click Not You? on the right hand side. Then click Secure Account. Facebook will guide you through the necessary security steps. Lastly, click Get Started.

What to do when your Facebook account had been hacked

Facebook already ensures it's own security measures. It says: If you believe your account has been compromised by another person or a virus, please click the "My account is compromised" button below. We'll help you log back into your account so that you can regain control.

Measures to be taken

Alert your friends or contacts

Tell them your account has been hacked, to prevent them from clicking on any malicious link or website.

Change your password

This can only take place when the hacker has not yet changed your password. Click on the same arrow you used to check for suspicious logins. Choose General in the left hand menu and edit your password there. If you've used your previous password in other sites, it's very important to change them too.

Reset your password

This happens when your password has been changed. Click Forgot Password? link underneath the Facebook login. Provide necessary information like your username, the email address you used to sign up for Facebook, the phone number you used or the username of one of your Facebook friends. Be patient and follow instructions.

Report the hack

Report all hacks or suspicious spams and ads sent through your account.

Remove suspicious applications or websites

Sometimes it's not an individual that hacked into your account, it can also be through an untrustworthy application. To remove such apps, go to Settings and then Apps and Websites. Go through the list. Click on Show All and put a check mark on the Apps and websites you want to remove. Click the Remove button and confirm the action.

Lastly, secure your Facebook password through the range of security options Facebook offers. Use a unique password too, one you don't use for other sites. Log out of Facebook after using a friend's computer or phone to login. Run an antivirus software in your computer and be careful of links you click or apps and files you download.

Note, if you're using Facebook to log into other apps like Spotify, Instagram and Coin Desk, these applications have been involved in previous data breaches and may be targeted in the future.

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