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2 biblical declarations that attract divine financial breakthrough.

The joy of every man on planet earth is visibly seen in the heaviness of his wallet and the weight of the currency notes in his bank account. The sole desire of every man is to be successful and prosperous in all ramifications of life.

Nevertheless, there are spiritual forces that ensure that a man suffers and becomes frustrated in life. These spiritual forces has lured many young men into venturing into the den of the devil. As the suffering and frustration can lead these innocent young guys into trading their souls for riches and financial establishment.

However, this article will enlighten us on two biblical declarations that will automatically unlock the divine blessings of God.

They are as follows :

1. My gifting must attract financial aid for me: God's word promises that the gift of a man has the ability to present him before kings and noble men. A man who has full knowledge of this declaration in him will surely embrace Gods divine financial blessings. Making this declaration every morning, will become a reminder unto God to rain down his divine blessings.

2. I shall lack nothing because the earth is of the lord's and everything in it: It is never God's intention that any man would suffer before accumulating wealth, that is why God made provisions for all. But sin breached man from enjoying these privileges from God. Hence every man should make this declaration every morning too.

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