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Reuben Abati Needs To Go Back To School- Wild Reaction As Prof Ayade Schools Anchor OnCommunication

Following advice from Cross Rivers State Governor Ben Ayade on proper English grammar usage, Arise TV anchor Dr. Reuben Abati is currently trending on social media. …

Ayade claimed that the APC's leadership selection consultations for the National Assembly were not "romantic" enough during an interview on Arise News.

Abati had to question the governor about what "romance" had to do with the current issue because it seemed like he had not fully understood what he had just said.

The word "romance" used in the statement, according to Ayade's response to the anchor, was only a figure of speech and did not accurately reflect the word's genuine meaning.

He clarified that when he used the word "romance," he meant the feelings the APC had toward the issue and their approach to it.

"And there is the charm of English," he said. It is the haughtiness, sarcasm, and extrapolation of grammar. In the nativistic sense, it does not imply romance.

Also, the Governor offered Abati some language-related guidance and added that certain of the anchor's comments suggested he had a particular agenda and were, in his view, undesirable.

"You use words that don't reflect civilized communication," he remarked, "and in public speaking, the choice of language matters; it shows the degree of elegance and the level of knowledge." In politics, they say "won" and not "defeated."

It shows that you have a particular attitude when you use terms that are not meant to convey politeness, and I consider that to be unacceptable language.

As a result of the development, people on social media made fun of Reuben Abati for his apparent lack of knowledge of a simple term.

The anchor should enroll in a two-month English course, as many have advised, in order to broaden and improve his vocabulary.

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