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Presidential Election: Some Candidates Are Lamenting Because INEC Discovered Their Plan - Afegbua

As the just-concluded presidential elections conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) continue to occupy the front burner of public debates in Nigeria, renowned public affairs analyst, and former Commission for Information in Edo State, Kassim Afegbua has come out to share his thoughts on the severe criticism dished out by some presidential candidates against the nation's electoral umpire over its failure to transmit results directly from polling units unto its servers in real-time as stipulated in the Electoral Act.

Speaking during an interview on ARISE TV's 'This Week' program a few hours ago, Afegbua, who is an ally of the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate and eventual winner, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, tried to justify INEC's failure to upload results from the over 176000 polling units scattered across the country to its result viewing portal (IReV) by alleging that the electoral umpire was merely working against the plans made by some candidates to hack its servers during the transmission of results.

He said; "INEC has been complaining that their servers have been facing several attempts by hackers to break in. I remember them saying that there were over 30 attempts made to hack the servers. So, you will have to go and ask INEC why they decided to upload results later. But, at any rate, if you have your agents on the ground, and they collect results, for me, that is even more fail-proof than talking about the use of a technology that is not solely owned by INEC.

The server has a back-end code and password that is not even domiciled with INEC. That is a technology from a company in California. And some of these candidates had trained hackers because they wanted to hack the server and alter the results. But INEC discovered their plan and caught them in their game. That's why they are now lamenting."

SOURCE: YouTube.

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