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Apart from me, who else is not going to watch the BBNaija 2020 show? (Opinion)

The latest thing on social media and indeed every media in Nigeria is the 2020 big brother naija show code named BBNaija. This is the fifth season of the semi-nudity televised reality show where young men and ladies enter into an apartment and for about 90 days try to convince Nigerians that they are the best qualified to win the grand price. Personally, I find the whole show as sickening, despicable and totally an eclipse of what a decent society ought to be.

Gathering and confining a number of supposed intelligent, smart, sexually driven youths with little or no talents but for the sake of baring their nudity on national television spells of the very decay and cankerworm eating through the very fabric of our Nigerian society. How do you justify a show where nudity is encouraged, sex is at its peak and caution is thrown to the wind all in the name of getting votes, avoiding eviction, gaining fame and winning the grand price.This season welcomes a whole new level of weird characters; Dorothy who is big breasted and has earned the title of "breastified" on twitter, Ozor who is actually handsome but people already think he wouldn't win because his Igbo brothers are in the market and won't have time to vote for him, Laycon who is already being labelled a tout because of his looks but who actually was best graduating student from the universe if Lagos in 2016. Hopefully there won't be another Kemen or Tacha in the house. Personally, I won't watch the show as I don't find it interesting at all.

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