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3 Foods You Should Always Feed Your Kids Even Though They Dislike It.

Everyday, a lot of parents go through some kind of battles with their kids. Most children find it difficult to eat some certain kind of food which adults love to consume on a regular basis. And its really not their fault, because children have an entirely different taste in food. The kind of food they would rather eat all day are biscuits, ice cream, juice, cake, chocolate, noodles and other junks.

They tend to love foods that are high in sugar and fat than other nutrients. However, in order for a child to be healthy and strong, they would need to eat all the best and nutritious foods as well as a complete balanced diet. So as a parent, you have to get used to convincing your children to eat these foods even though they probably hate them. See them below:


When we talk about the most hated food among children, beans would definitely make it to the top. Don't tell me I'm the only one who hides beans inside my kid's plate of food. Majority of children are not huge fans of beans despite the fact that its one of the best and healthiest source of food in the entire world. However, don't let that discourage you. Always feed your little kids with beans at any slight opportunity you get. Remember, beans is a protein rich food which gives lots of energy and kids basically need massive energy. 


Just like beans, vegetables are another healthy source of food which most children despise with all their hearts. Children love sweet and sugary foods and vegetables are like the opposite of those kind of foods. Children of nowadays hate eating vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, leafs, peas, and others because of the bad memories they have with their parents always forcing them to eat them. Always try to politely convince your child to eat vegetables without much shouting and nagging and they might grow to love them. 

Swallow (Garri, Semo, Corn Flour, e.t.c.). 

Most people have children who hate the thought of eating swallow no matter the kind of soup involved. Some can't stand it and they cry all through the meal until they are pardoned to stop eating by their parents. Yes, your kid may hate it but you should understand that eating swallow would be very good to their health and preferably better than those junks, biscuits and cakes you've been feeding them.

Thanks for reading? What other food do your kids hate to eat? Please share to others.

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