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'Gov Uzodinma Dropped 388 Polling Units Results In Court & INEC Didn't Say It's Fake' - SAN Mekwunye

The Supreme Court's declaration of Governor Hope Uzodinma as the legitimate winner of the 2019 Imo State election has raised doubts about the judiciary, as he had originally placed fourth in the election. Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Charles Mekwunye, has asserted that critics of the Supreme Court's decision failed to examine the judgment's details.

Mekwunye claimed that Governor Uzodinma presented 388 polling unit results in court, which demonstrated his victory in the election. He further stated that the respondent, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), did not contest the authenticity of the presented results. However, Mekwunye highlighted that the results provided by the police were found to be forged.

Mekwunye emphasized that those who criticized the Supreme Court judgment had not thoroughly read it. He clarified that although INEC initially declared Governor Uzodinma as fourth in the election, the crucial issue before the court concerned the exclusion of results from 388 polling units. When these results were considered, Uzodinma emerged as the legitimate winner, along with the inclusion of votes obtained by the previously declared winner.

The court addressed the response of the respondents, noting that Hope Uzodinma's counsel had applied for a subpoena to have the Deputy Commissioner of Police present the results from the polling units. The police submitted 366 polling unit results, while Uzodinma dropped 388 polling unit results at the Supreme Court, and INEC did not question their authenticity. However, the argument arose that the results presented by the police were fake.

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