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5 signs to know your partner no longer wants you


when you no longer make eye contact with your partner it means a lot. eye contact is one of the beautiful things in love. when you constantly make eye contact with your partner it in proves your relationship but when you find out your partner no longer looks you in the eye like they used to, just know that they are no longer interested to be with you. know that the love isn't there anymore even before they tell you they are no longer interested.


When you notice your partner gets angry over little things and issues, things that make them them happy with you before are now the things they always find to pick a fight with you. just know it that they are falling out of love with you already. for instance your partner loves the way you cuddle them before but now they hate it when you cuddle them just know they are no longer in love with you.


When they no longer talks about the future with you like they used to before, just know it over. when they no longer mention you in anything that has to do with their tomorrow. when a partner is in love with you they put you in every conversation they have that has to do with the future .but when you notice you are no longer included understand it and start preparing yourself for anything.


Communication boost a relationship and helps in it growth. a relationship with a stable communication will be very hard to fall apart. why? because the more you talk with your partner the more you are falling in love with them. that's the reason for the communication and the reason why it essential in a relationship. but in a case where your partner can stay for days without calling you and they are comfortable only means they are no longer interested in you


When your partner prefers hanging out with others than with you it only means they don't want you anymore because when you are in love with someone you would want to be with that person all the time and wont want to be apart for even a minute

So please when you notice this above characters with your partner try and talk to them to find out the problem or you might end up loosing them. Thank You For Reading This Article And I Really hope you enjoyed it

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