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Ladies is your breasts starting to sag and you want it to remain firm use this

In Nigeria negro pepper is also known as

In Igbo is called Uda

In Hausa is called chimba

Uses of Negro pepper

1. To make pepper soup for a woman to that just give birth, to help flush toxic substance from the body.

2. To ease menstrual pain.

3. As natural contraceptive.

4. Use to firm sagging breast.

How to use negro pepper for breast firming

1. Get as much negro pepper you need

2. Peel the skin, remove the seeds from it

3. Boil it in water until it the water turn brownish

4. After boiling , allow it to cool and store it in a container of your choice

5.Cover it tightly.

6. Do not put in freezer, you can place it inside refrigerator

7. If no refrigerator place it in a cool dry place and store at room temperature.

8. Take 1 glass of negro pepper water in the morning and night before going bed.

9. Take this for 7 days and your breast will be firm again.

Result will be notice before 1 week of usage.

Content created and supplied by: BeautySB (via Opera News )

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