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To make a girl you have a crush on to give you a chance, try these 4 tips

You can't expect a girl to give you any attention if you don't genuinely show that you are interested in her. That's one thing about girls. So if there this girl you have a crush on, maybe you should try these four tips. 

 (1). Show that you're a reliable and dependable person by being caring and generous to her.

(2). Every girl wants to be with a guy who they would call and proudly introduce as their boyfriends. For this reason, always make yourself presentable. It will bring out your attractiveness to girls. 

(3). For a girl to see how impressive you are, you have to do some things to get her attention first. So to do that, you can maybe, subscribe to her phone. Send her airtime, or surprise her with nice gifts unexpectedly. Just voluntarily do things you know that would attract her attention.

(4). Finally, put effort. It's easier for a girl to see your likeness for her if you put in the needed effort. 

My conclusion is that be hopeful. A girl might not give you any attention, till she has gradually become close with you. That involves time and patient so, just be consistent in doing things that would make her like you, she might say a Yes.

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