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Why You Should Not Marry Someone Whom You Do Not Love And Trust

Trust and love per se may not on their own automatically make marriage to be successful but their absence won't make it any better. Trust and love are like lubricants that enhance the smooth movement of any marriage.

It is true that some people venture into marriage for personal gains and benefits, of which TRUST and LOVE are not part of. The truth is, every future or existing marriage has at least one person out there that will do everything possible to make sure our marriages do not work out successfully for reasons best known to them. To make matters worse, those anti-successful marriage people are people that are very close to us. They are people we know as friends, colleagues, neighbors, church members, family members etc; they are not strangers.

The absence of time tested love and trust can make those people's plans of ruining our efforts of having a successful marriage come to pass. However, love and trust can serve as barricade that will thwart the efforts of those involved. Most times, the things being put in place to ruin our marriages can appear very convincing and factual. Without love and trust, we will end up falling into their traps of ruining our marriages. 

Take for instance:

I am married and there is a friend somewhere who does not want my spouse and I to have a successful marriage. Meanwhile, I have a male friend whom I have known for a very long time. We are just friends with no emotional strings attached. One day, I went out with him for a drink. Recall that I just went out with him for a friendly drink. While with him in a restaurant, someone snapped us while in a close range and sent the pictures to my husband

How will my wife react?

1. He may wait till I return and discuss what happened with me to hear my own side of the story.

2. He may receive the pictures and not even tell me about it without him changing negatively towards me.

3. He may receive them, conclude that myself and the man are emotionally connected, keep it to himself and later change negatively towards me. I will be wondering what has led to such change of attitude.

Now, my husband's reaction from the above instances will be determined by how much love and trust he has for me.

Remember that there is something that appear to be true and factual that is with my husband.

Sometimes, though there may be an evidence that appear real and factual, the evidence may not be the whole truth.

Therefore, if you know within you that you do not love and trust him/her, do not bother tying the knot with him/her because there will always be challenges that may or may not crush your marriage into pieces. The outcome will be determined by the amount of trust and love that exist between you and your partner.

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