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Reasons Why You Have Acne On Your Face During Menstruation.

According to WebMD, menstrual acne, a flare up of blemishes every month that coincides with menstruation is fairly common. Research has proven that 63 percent of acne prone women experience this strike about seven to ten days before the on set of their period.

During the 28 days cycle of a woman's period, estrogen hormone predominates half of the cycle while the second half is dominated by the main hormone progesterone, meanwhile Testosterone is a male hormone produced in smaller amount by women that stays at a constant level becomes relatively higher than female hormone.

As a result of all the shift in hormone, the woman's skin is mostly affected. For one, the mid cycle Progesterone rises higher and stimulates the production of sebum, a thick oily substance that acts as a natural skin lubricant excessively, and as a result of Progesterone increase the skin swells, pores are compressed shut and cause Sebum to build up beneath the skin surface and result to acne.

Second studies futher explains that in addition to higher Testosrerone level during menstruation, the sebaceous gland is activated and tends to produce more sebum. However sebum affects people differently, for some women it produce a healthy glow, for others it creates a chronic oily skin; which increases breakout and inflammation around the times of women's period.

Conclusively, WebMD confirms that you can't change the relationship between acne and hormone, but they are thing you can are things you can do to slow down the breakout. Menstrual related acne is not about hygiene, it is a natural internal effect. however, women will still need to care for their bodies specially during their period in order not to make things severe.

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