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6 Things Babies Enjoy Most When They're In The Womb

Even before a baby is born, a mother and her child share a close bond. A baby's preferences and dislikes begin to form while he or she is still in the womb. Even though the rest of the world may not be aware of it, only the mother does. There are instances when it's more than simply a hint being dropped. It's like a code that only the mother and infant know how to decipher for each other. And, of course, nine months is a long period to spend trying to get to know a developing baby. Pregnant women eagerly forward to hearing their baby's first words, but the fetus makes it clear what it enjoys most while still in the womb. According to "WebMD", Some examples are given as follows.

1. Hankering For A Sweet Treat All Day.

Consider the fact that you've been hankering for a sweet treat all day. However, this isn't the first time you've felt this way during your pregnancy. With that spongy cake or a scoop of ice cream, you sense your baby wiggle as soon as you bite into it. This is because the food you eat when pregnant can also be tasted by your unborn child! And the amniotic fluid is the source of this flavor (1). Sweet food is a favorite of babies, even though they don't appreciate hot dishes.

. Comfortable Bathing Environments

Pregnancy can be exhausting, particularly in the third and fourth trimesters. Taking advantage of every opportunity to unwind is essential during this time. Taking long showers is one of the safest ways to unwind. While a hot water bath may upset your infant, a nice warm shower may help you unwind and unwind more. And don't forget about the little one. However, you should check with your doctor to see if the temperature is right for you.

. Touching Your Belly Gently Is The Third

(Gently touching the Belly)

A kick from your unborn child is a common response to gentle tummy-rubbing by its mother. Doesn't it happen frequently? Babies, especially those who are still in their mother's womb, respond to environmental stimuli. When you and your spouse play the touch-and-feel game with your baby, you may notice that he or she is in a lively mood.

. The Sound of My Mother

In most pregnancies, the baby's ears start to stand out about week 18. The baby's hearing begins to develop at this point. The mother's voice is one of the first the newborn learns to recognize. In addition, as the due date approaches, you'll notice that your unborn child is becoming more responsive to your vocalizations. As a result of the fact that it's a voice your infant just enjoys hearing.

. Music That Makes You Happy Is Another One.

When it comes to the development of your baby's hearing, music is a must. In the womb, newborns can distinguish between unpleasant and pleasurable noises even though they can only hear them in a muted form. A fondness for a particular genre of music can also occur. Soft music, on the other hand, has a calming impact on them. So, put on some of your favorite music and have some fun with your child. To avoid disturbing your infant, make sure to keep the volume down.

6. The Laughter of My Mother

It's been stated that the best medicine is laughter. So it's no surprise that a content mother raises a content child. Even as babies respond to their mother's touch or voice, so do they react to her laughing.

The release of 'feel good' hormones occurs when we laugh. These hormones have a positive effect on both mother and child. Plus, they'll be able to hear their mother's cackle.

With their antics, babies never fail to astonish us. Enjoy these fleeting moments with them while you're preparing for more to come when they've been born. Cheers!

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