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3 Ways You Can Prevent Snakes And Other Harmful Reptiles From Getting Into Your Toilet Bowl.

It's no longer news that a young lady unfortunately lost her life few days ago after she was alledgedly bitten by a poisonous snake which was hiding in her toilet's bowl.According to close sources; The young lady who happens to be a naval officer had gone into her toilet to defecate before meeting her untimely death.

Photo Credit: Google//photo used for illustrative purpose only.

In that vein, I'm going to be outlining the 3 ways you can prevent snakes from entering into your toilet bowl so as to avoid further occurrence of snake bites.

1. Always clean, flush, and close your toilet when not in use.

This is where your personal hygiene comes into play. Always make sure your toilet is properly flushed and clean all the time.

Ensure your toilet is covered whenever it's not in use, and never enter into your toilet with darkness.

2. Keep your surroundings clean to avoid rodents like rats.

Always make sure your surroundings is clean and unattractive to rodents such as rats, because snakes usually hunt for rats.

Ensure there is no openings in the pipes that leads into your toilet as snake and other harmful reptiles can pass through this pipes from the outside and sneak into the toilet, and other parts of the house.

3. Use onions and garlic as repellant against snakes and other harmful reptiles.

Snakes are very sensitive to smell, and can't cope with the smell of onion or garlic.

So, use garlic and onion as a local repellant against snakes and other harmful reptiles by putting tiny pieces of it in strategic places in your toilet.

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