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The real reason why Ronaldo does not have tattoos like Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are always compared to one another in almost everything they do. The club they play, the goals they scored and even the number of individual award each of them have won are some of those things people use to debate about who is the greater among the two. It is noticeable that Lionel Messi have tattoos on his body and some of the tattoos are things of pride to him.

When Cristiano was asked why he had no tattoo on his skin, he simply gave his reasons as because he loves humanity. It is not easy to donate blood easily when you have some levels of tattoos on your body.

Therefore, Cristiano Ronaldo made it known that he love donating blood to those in need because of that he has to keep his body neat and clean. Among other players who do not have tattoos are Kante, Mo Salah and many others.

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