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Two Reasons Ben Ayade May Oppose Wike Over VAT Issue

Wike would be making a serious mistake or miscalculation if he thinks that he would be supported or backed by the south-south governors. They met yesterday in Port Harcourt to talk about the issue of Valued Added Tax and other matters. Five out of the six governors were present.

Conspicuously, Mr. Ben Ayade, the Cross Rivers State governor, was absent. Of course, any individual who understands politics of the country wouldn't expect Mr. Ayade to be present at the meeting. Even there are two reasons why he would sternly oppose the moves being made by Rivers State governor, Wike.

Other governors in the south-south geopolitical zone may throw their weigh behind Wike and the Rivers State Government, but Ben Ayade would differ on the political party affiliation. The main thing that makes Ayade differ from them is that he is the only APC governor in the south-south geopolitical zone. Others are PDP governors.

Even Ayade himself was elected on the platform of the PDP, which js the most popular political party in the south-south zone. But few months ago, he declared that he wouldn't be a member or a leader of the PDP anymore and he announced his defection or "political transfer" to the All Progressives Congress.

He knows that it would be a mistake for him to do anything that would hurt the All Progressives Congress which opened its doors for him. At the same time, Mr. Ben Ayade would want to align himself with the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, who also welcomed him upon his defection.

The second reason is that Cross Rivers State isn't as viable financially as the other five states. Does Cross Rivers State have any crude oil to rely upon? The answer is glaring. And that could be a reason Mr. Ayade would oppose Wike as far as the issue of Valued Added Tax is concerned.

Rivers State and Bayelsa State definitely have oil. Likewise Delta State can boast of crude oil. Akwa Ibom is rich to a very large extent. That means it would be worrisome for the Cross Rivers State governor Ayade to now reason with Nyesom Wike to join the bandwagon.

Cross Rivers State may continue to rely on Federal Government for sustenance. If the state governor supports Nyesom Wike and Rivers State, the federal government may want to punish states that join Wike. And it is clear that Cross Rivers State may not be able to survive without federal allocations.

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