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2023: The votes from FCT was calculated separately before they chose the winner- Akinterinwa

In the midst of the ongoing public outrage over the outcome of the February 25 elections conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) across all states in the country, Professor Bola A. Akinterinwa, President/Director-General of the Bolytag Centre for International Diplomacy and Strategic Studies (BOCIDASS), has come out to reveal what was done to the votes in the FCT and its capital, Abuja, that made the current President-elect, Bola Tinub,

During an interview with Arise News, Prof. Akinterinwa clarified whether the election in Abuja should be treated as conjunctive or disjunctive because the president-elect did not receive 25% of the votes cast in the state.

Professor Akinterinwa claims "The result will be the same whether Abuja is treated together or separately. Assuming Nigeria has 37 states, including Abuja, which they call a territory, but constitutionally, you are supposed to have two-thirds of the accredited votes in Abuja, but since the candidates won 12 states each, the votes from Abuja were calculated separately, as it was done during the regime of Shehu Shagari, so that is what happened; they calculated the two-thirds in the total number of votes that were gotten there and then deducted the 25% from it, so that"


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