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4 Best Football Playing Couples We have Seen Over The Years (Photos)

1. Servando Carrasco and Alex Morgan

First on this list is the prominent soccer playing couples; Alex Morgan and Servando Carrasco.

Servando is talented American player and a master on the pitch. He is currently playing as a defensive midfielder for Fort Lauderdale CF. He is not the goal scoring type, but he knows his position and no one plays it better.

On the other hand his partner Alex Morgan is a genius in women's soccer. She is currently playing as a striker for the Orlando Pride and the American female team.

They couples married in 2014, and have been leaving happily ever since.

2. Alphonso Davies and Jordyn


Number 2 on this list is the popular Football stars; Alphonso Davies and Jordyn Huitema.

Alphonso plays as a winger for the Bayern Munich team, he has been in the club since 2018, making over 69 Bundesliga apperances, he has displayed so much talents on the pitch.

His partner Jordyn plays for the female Paris Saint-Germain team, and also a prominent member of the Canadian squad. She performs as a Fowarder, and is very talented.

They are both, and young magnificent on the pitch.

3. Jose Batista and Alexandra Long

Jose Batista is a popular Midfielder, he became popular after an amazing spell at Sevilla. He is also very talented.

His wife Alexandra Long is one of the most popular female stars, she recently moved to NJ/NY Gotham FC, where she plays as Midfielder.

They couples tied the knot back in 2016, after a long time relationship. They have been living happily ever since.

4. Fabrice Guatrat and Morgan Brian

Last on this list is Fabrice Guatrat and his wife Morgan Brian.

Fabrice Guatrat plays for the USL League Two club; Atlanta Silverbacks. Though he is not as popular as his wife, he is still an excellent footballer.

Morgan Brian on the other hand, is one of the best female stars in the world. She currently performs as a Midfielder for the Chicago stars, and United States female team. She is known for her magnificent pace and ball control.

They married in 2020, and are still expecting a baby.

Source: Sportskedda, Wikipedia, Goalballive

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