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Ladies, Here Are Ten Signs You Are Dating A Good Man

If your man does these ten things, then he's definitely a keeper and you should make sure you don't take him for granted. You should simply reciprocate with your own feelings and good attitude.

Let's check out some of those things

1. He's very supportive: if you have man that gives you the support you need and pushes you to reach your full potential, keep him.

2. He Respects You: a man who treats you like his equal half and allows to have a say in your relationship is a keeper.

3. He listens to you to talk about everything

4. He cares about your family and friends and has no problem introducing you to his.

5. He compliments you and buys you gifts

6. He's interested in actually getting to know you not just sex.

7. He wants you to be successful not just dependent on him.

8. He is not violent and verbally abusive.

9. He is not controlling.

10. He is straightforward.

if you are currently dating a man with all these attributes, please by all means, keep going.

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