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Is English a language or a measure for intelligence?

Due to colonization of whites over the black, we have been made to take English as a general and acceptable language.

Forgetting that, before colonization we all had our own culture with our different languages. The world of most African countries is now turning to the world of whites, where we now adopt their ways of live including English language.

Now in the society we look at people who do not understand or can't speak English language, as illiterate and the world illiterate make people feel the person is not intelligent.

Like every other language, English language is not different it is also own by some set of people the way we own Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa in our own country.

We look at people who can speak good and flexible English as intelligent set of people, we look at them as learned, we look at them as a classical set of people. The truth is English cannot increase your intelligence, it will only take away your originality.

If you check well, children that grow with English language as their major language have little or no respect for elders, it not that does children decide to not respect elders, but owning to English language it is a language that has little element of respect.

For example the word You, it is used generally for addressing everyone both old and young, in regards to that when using it with an elder might sound rude.

The fact that you speak English does not mean you will be the best in your class, I can proudly say if education is given to students in their mother tongue, am sure we going to have more academic excellent among students.

Go to countries like china where their language is what they use in schools and in all aspect of life, see how developed they are.

Our language is the best, God who created language didn't say some languages are better than some, so therefore let lift our culture and language.

English is a language and never a measure for intelligence.

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