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10 Things To Avoid Wearing when travelling long distance on land or by air

It has been seen nowadays that most of the people who love traveling prefer to choose an air medium, as it saves time. In a recent survey, it’s been pointed out that since January 4.6 billion people used the plane for traveling. Keeping their experience in mind they shared a lot about traveling on a plane.

Now we have already posted some useful articles earlier about How To Dress Up For Airport and Worst Things to Wear On Airport, which was actually suggested by TSA Agents themselves so that you can skip the embarrassment that occurs during Airport security check. Talking about the security check, you can check these 25 Most Embarrassing Airport Security Check Moments On my page.

Now since we are ahead of Airport check, and talking about planes, in this piece of writing, we are going to discuss 10 things you must avoid on Air Planes and this is strongly advised by Travelers, Lifeguards, and Doctors. It is for your own safety and comfort. So let’s check it out.

Avoid Tight Clothing

The very first thing on our list is about wearing tight clothes as it will make you uncomfortable and not going to add stars in your journey.

Most of the people who used to travel a lot said that traveling through flights is a kind of stress on your body and you have to spend time on a small chair. So if you wore something tight on your body it will make blood circulation worse. However, from a medical point of view, it is recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothes.

Once lady gaga was asked by a flight attendant to change her luxurious clothes as it can affect her body when the plane is at high altitudes. So it is best recommended to put light and comfortable clothes on the body.

However with loose clothing there’s catch too, people who wore cargos and loose pants generally grab attention at the security points. The reason for the same is it is likely that they are hiding something in their fancy pockets. Always go out with natural fabrics.

Avoid Wearing Jeans

The second thing is to avoid wearing jeans as it is the mother of uncomfortable clothing. The sole reason to avoid it is that it makes your waist tight and you will definitely feel the uneasiness in your journey. The best recommendation avoids wearing it instead of wear something comfortable like pajamas or anything that is loose.

Avoid Your Regular-Sized Bra

To all the women’s travelers, the best advice is to put on a Sports Bra. You know bras can be a lot for women. It gives us uneasiness and not to forget about the hooks and tight straps that are just adding injury to your insults.

Furthermore, the metal hooks will also take your time during the security process. So avoid wearing any kind of fancy or tight bra. The best suggestion is to go with a sports bra because it’s way more comfortable than usual ones.

Avoid Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are something that comes under loose and comfortable clothing and you would give it a chance to be in your ‘what to wear while traveling’ list.

But it has some flaws too imagine you have to use the restroom? Jumpsuits are not comfortable clothing for that. Airport and flights can be a lot and definitely not a sterile place for a person wearing jumpsuits.

It’s not like you have to avoid jumpsuits only, our advice is to avoid clothing that has zippers in it instead of wear something easy.

Low-Waist Pants

Low waist pants are something which is in trend but from health perspectives, it is not a best-suited outfit for traveling.

The reason for the same is you can catch harmful bacterias. There is no doubt that public places are the hub of germs and bacteria. The best advice is to cover up your skin as much as possible. Here is some clothing not to wear specifically, is skirts, shorts, and pants with a low waist.

Avoid New Sneakers

People usually love to flaunt their new things but our best advice is to avoid new sneakers or shoes while traveling.

The reason for the same is it can cause blisters or swelling in your legs as you’re not comfortable with it. It is best to wear old shoes in which you feel comfortable. Also, the shoes you wear should be closed-toe shoes.

Some people prefer to wear slippers and sandals as they are easy but you have to face a lot of rush and cue at the airport so chances are you might hurt yourself in slippers and sandals. Wear shoes that are easy to put on, which means it doesn’t take any extra time. However, don’t forget to wear socks because they will keep your legs cozy and warm.

Avoid Shoes Or Sandals With Heels

High heels should be last in your list as we all know how uncomfortable they can be. It is not easy to walk in high heels and airports are a place that is known for the rush. At the time of evacuation, you need to walk fast which is not possible with high heels. Also, heels can break easily which is again a headache. The best advice is not to wear heels at all while traveling.

Clothes with buckles and other pieces made of metal

We all are very much aware of how strict the security check post can be and you don’t want to invite any extra trouble by putting something which can activate the metal detector. The best suggestion is to totally avoid something fancy or anything which has metal in it. It has been come in light by travelers that these devices can detect piercing too.

Avoid Stop-List Items Of The Airline

Some airlines have their set of norms like they don’t prefer revealing clothes or T-shirts with quotes that can hurt anyone’s emotions. The suggestion here is to read all the rules and regulations of the company you’re traveling with.


Most people are allergic to perfume. So wear light perfume keeping other’s passengers in mind, or avoid it completely. The other reason is if your perfume is hard it will surely invite unnecessary attention which you definitely don’t want.

A General Advice.

The best advice is to wear a scarf so it can protect in case of smoke and cold too. Try to wear an outfit with many layers because it is possible you can face cold, in that way clothes will keep you warm. This is all you need to keep in mind while traveling. Let us know what you all think about it.

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