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Reason Why Every Nigerian Should Support Angela Nwosu (Opinion)

Angela Nwosu is a spiritualist, she's well-known for selling spiritual items, on social media platforms. The spiritual items she claims to have spiritual powers of solving many problems, like financial problem, family problem and so on. She has been under serious pressure for publicly worshipping, and engaging in spiritual acts, as many people see it as an act of "Polytheism".

In my own personal opinion, i think Angela should be supported because of her courage to worship whatever she feels like, regardless of what people think about her, rather than hiding under the shadow of worshipping God when she's not.

Just like in the case of many of our religious scholars who hide under the shadow of worshipping God, but still go ahead to seek powers from unknown sources, commit all sought of ungodly, and immoral act, and also go contrary to their own teachings.

It's said that "the devil you know, is better than the angel you don't know". Let us learn to support, and appreciate those who are courageous enough to be themselves, so as to avoid having pretenders who hide under the shadow of worshipping God, just to cover up their dirty acts.

What do you think about Angela Nwosu?? Do you think she needs our support?? Please don't forget to drop your comments.

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