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"If I Open This Door, One Of Us Will Die" Old Karate Grandma Narrates How She Survived An Attack

Women sometimes are victims of diverse circumstances around the globe. Every now and then we get to hear pathetic and heartfelt story of women in Korogocho area where a group was formed named ‘Shosho Jikinge’. This special collection of people are known for training and equipping elderly woman in karate just to defend themselves when the need arise. It is normal to say that women are prone to diverse kinds of attack and self defense can help to keep a woman safe.

Here is a story of a woman known with the name 'shosho Jikinge’.

According to her, a man who is younger I age tried to force himself on her in her house during the late hours of the night. It happened that at 12 am, she heard someone forcefully jumped across her house which has a fence and knocked at her door. This young man claimed he was tasty but was hiding behind pretence.

This woman was brave enough to tell him that she is not his wife or mother that gave birth to him. She also promised him that if she dares to open the door one of them will lose their life and the other will rot in Jail. 

She applied her knowledge of karate training and opened the door but immediately hid herself inorder to attack anyone that is at her door. Unfortunately, this young man didn't notice and immediately entered the house. The old woman grabbed him and demostrated her skills and afterwards called upon neighbors who came to help her.

This old woman is still the game of demostrating karate and showing other women ways to defend themselves. .

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