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Reasons Why Degea's Contract Should Not Be Terminated

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Degea is a great keeper in the world of football and has kept many clean sheet and saved for the Red devils,but seams to be rejected because of a simple mistake in his previous meeting with Chelsea.

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Reasons why Manchester United should not terminate his contract is majorly because of his past reputation to the team. He has saved the team in previous games,he got a strong hand to defect balls from scoring and now Manchester United fans are now complaining for his lack of saves. The followings explain more of his keeping rate.

>>Taking The Blame

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As a goal keeper you need to accept defeat for balls that cross your goal line and degea has been no problem in aspects like that. He is always putting is hand up and accepting his blames,he is one of the strongest goalkeeper and a noble player in football pitch.

>>Lack of Glory

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Manchester United team has not been glorious in is past results for Manchester United. He saves occasional penalties and he even has a instinctive reflex for the team.

>>The Wonder Save

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He experience alot of saves in history and Manchester United career. Degea has alot of saves and he communicate with the team in his best interest. Goalkeepers are really trying with the shot they reflex in all matches just like degea.

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