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Video: This Boy Is Not Comfortable Staying With The Nanny, He Needs His Mum - Fan Tells Fani-Kayode

The bond between parents and their children is so special that no outsider or caregivers will be able to compete with. Precious Chikwendu's children seem lonely even with the presence of many nannies. What Aragorn did when the father was about to leave the house is proof that parents are very important in raising a child. And nobody can take the place of a mother or a father.

Due to the marital crisis that lingered between Fani-Kayode and his ex-wife Precious, the children are now used to their dad and their nannies. But notwithstanding a mother's role is more than just taking care of the children alone. Mothers understand their children's wink, pain happiness, or frustration which can be neglected by the caregiver. This may be one of the reasons Aragorn held unto his dad when he was about to leave the house.

In a video shared by FFK, Aragorn was seen crying and inconsolable when the dad was about to travel, he held onto his clothes and sobbed. FFK carried him while pleading with him to go back into the house. The nannies were calling on him to come and collect biscuits, but, he refused and continue to cry pleading with his father not to leave him alone.

FFK in the video caption wrote, " stepping out is increasingly difficult when the bond between you and your son is strong and unbreakable. I love you son now and always".

Aragorn is the apple of his father's eyes but, the bond he shared with his mom is amazing as well. Parents are specially created for their children's well-being.

When he shared the video, his fans applauded him for his care and love but they advised him to look into the issue of leaving his four boys at the mercy of their nannies.

Judging by Aragorn's reaction in the video, his fans pleaded with him to check his nannies that it is as if the children are not comfortable with them. Can a nanny take the place of a mother?. Some of them believed that the children are not well cared for when FFK is not around and they want him to bring back Precious to come and care for her kids.

Although the nannies have done a good job so far, is there the possibility of them doing bad things to these children that FFK is not aware of ?.

The boy is not happy at all and he is not ready to let go of his dad. Although that is to show that FFK is a great dad, his reaction is also sending a message to the dad.

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